On the move, finally

Alex is on the move people.  I've mentioned it in passing, but Alex has been delayed on some of his movement.  He had torticollis as a baby.  This is an orthopedic issue where the muscles on one side of a baby's neck contract.  You can read all about it here if you are interested.  Because of the tortcollis, he developed low muscle tone which caused him to lack the strength to hit his mobility milestones.  At 6 months he still wasn't sitting up or rolling over.  He started therapy around that time and I am happy to report that he is (finally) rolling, flopping and scooting all over the place.

I'll be honest, this has been an eye opening experience.  It has been much harder than I imagined to see my child not thrive.  When I was pregnant with the boys, I just sort of took for granted that they would be perfect.  I know all parents have fears of complications, but for the most part, we just plan and prepare as if everything will be normal.   I realize in the grand scheme of things, Alex's condition is really almost trivial.  He will walk, just a bit later (estimated around 18 months or so).  The only lasting side effect from his condition is the possibility that he might not be prone to athleticism.  In laymens terms, he might be a bit clumsy.  But, taking into consideration who his mother is, there is a fair chance that would have been the case anyways.  Basically, Alex will be fine.  Despite this prognosis, there are still moments when I find myself so upset.  I remember coming home and crying after watching a 4 month old scoot all around my 6 month old who still wasn't even sitting up.  Seeing your child struggle, even on a small level, is painful.  This has caused me to have a new found empathy for mother's who have to watch their children struggle with more serious conditions.  I can't even imagine how their heart must break. I have so much more respect for the mothers I know who have to work through serious disabilities. Life just isn't fair at times.  This little set back has given me so much persecutive.  It has taught me to really hold onto the idea that your child is perfectly wonderful despite whatever.  Even if he has delays and deficiencies, it doesn't take away from the fact that he is your delightful baby.

On a funny note, we were woefully unprepared for the crawling phase.  With his delay we had grown lazy. Now that he is moving, our little world is being rocked.  And, let me tell you, a crawling (scooting) baby and a toddler are a terrible combination.  Since he started moving, Alex has probably eaten at least 3 crayons. That is not to mention all of the toys he has tried to eat and God knows what else that we may not know about.  The only upside is, that now when Henry takes a toy from his brother,  Alex can now go after him. It is funny to watch.  I think that as mobile baby, Alex has been an adjustment for Henry too.   Just when things were getting easier, Alex changed the game and started moving.  But I am so happy to see him thriving that I don't even care that I have to chase him around the house and lock all my cabinets.

PS.  He still isn't pulling himself up, but he is getting really close.  We are taking bets on what he uses the first time to pull himself up.  Right now the toilet (gross) in the front runner.  Followed closely by by the dishwasher and the art easel (he likes to eat chalk).


  1. THIS MAKES ME SOOOO HAPPY! Now get busy making things a little more baby proof....! Love ya and MISS talking to you! Get your phone fixed!

  2. Diane McCain Barks10 August, 2012

    He is really busy..worry about them wood floors and him sliding down..they are so hard!

  3. Ladydibarks10 August, 2012

    we have had Alex in our prayers also..So proud for him..He is going to be a busy beaver!!


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