In the Quiet Moments

By nature, I like to be busy.  Not in the sense that I like to have a bunch of places to go but more like I love to have something I am working on.  I am project person.  If you read this blog, even a little bit, this can't be a surprise.  But, sometimes with kids, I am finding I just need to find time to  . . .  well . . .  just be. Just be in the moment, with my boys.  Take the time to de-stress and just walk away.   It is harder than it sounds, when I am at home I feel like I need to be doing something . .  . cleaning, cooking, creating.   I had an epiphany the other day.  I am really just home to be with my boys.  If I were working full time and paying someone to keep my kids nothing around the house would be getting done.  The house would set untouched while I worked and paid someone to keep my kids.  Once I had this thought I decided that it I shouldn't feel bad for dropping everything and taking little pockets of the day just to focus on my boys.  Just to be with them.  To hold Alex, to watch Henry play.  To stop everything and just breath in the sweetness that is my boys.  Being outside has greatly helped this endevor.  Moving to the front porch or backyard does wonders for our moods.  I can unplug and leave the mounds of laundry, dirty dishes and half finished projects behind.  Because afterall my main reason for staying at home isn't to unsure that the  house is clean it is to just be with my boys.


Bagels on the front porch on a raining morning.


Playing in the rain while Alex and momma rock on the swing.


Alex playing with Henry's quiet book.


Backyard snuggles with Alex.

I feel like so much of being a mother is a constant give and take.  I am going to try to give a little more.


  1. Great Post Jamie. You're an awesome mama, and I know what you mean. I work part time, and often forget to stop dashing around the house and just savor moments with my daughter. Thanks for your thoughts and insights.

  2. Ashmae Jones10 August, 2012

    i too am struggling with this concept.  good luck! 

  3. You are too sweet! Motherhood seems to be a constant battle of balance, some days it seems harder to find than others : )


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