A little love

My mother never really made much of a fuss about anything.  It could have been her personality or maybe it was just the fact that she was old.   I was a "late-in-life" baby.  My personality is prone to make a fuss.  It is just my style.  And, maybe the fact that my mom tended to play the holidays low key has inspired me to go above an beyond.   Also, I have such vidid memories of the few times that mom made an effort to make a holiday or birthday extra special.  I can clearly remember one Valentines that my mom woke me up with a special breakfast and a little gift.  I got out of bed and was totally surprised to hear bacon frying.   She had set the table and on at my seat was a little gift and a card.  Such a small gesture but it made me feel so special. It is one of those memories I wish I could call her up and tell her about how much it meant to me. Because I am pretty sure that as a kid I probably just mumbled something like "cool." Since this is such a vivid memory for me, I knew that I wanted to make Valentine's extra special for my boys.   I loved Valentine's as a kid.  I enjoyed being engulfed in an endless sea of pink and red.  I adored getting all the cards.  Then, in high school, Valentine's kind of turned south.  I didn't exactly have a string of suitors and it made the holiday akward.  And, at 17 the only kind of love that was on my mind was romance.  Over the next few years, I worked on making the holiday just about love in general.  Which, I happen to think is a pretty great excuse for a holiday.   I don't care if it was just created by the greeting card companies.  This year was the first, of what I hope will be, our annual Valentine's day breakfast tradition.

Funny story, I had balloons that didn't have 'Ace' on them.  Jason might have forgotten them at the house.  When he called and said that he found some old balloons at work, I might have gotten a little grumpy.  You know, because I had a vision.  Jason quickly pointed out that Henry wouldn't care and wasn't this all for him anyways?  Burn.

V-Day love

When Henry walked out of his room this morning, we heard a gasp and then the sound of his little feet running through the house.  He ran into our room and yelled "it is happy birthday balloons."  We laughed and informed him that they were "happy Valentine Balloons."  Henry then paused, and I kid you not, said "oh goodness!!!"  I think the morning was a success.  We had presents, cards, cuddles, giggles, waffels and coffee.  I swear Alex tried to say "happy valentine's day"or at least babbled something close. I feel quite blessed and full of love.

PS.  You might notice the rings in the top left corner.  We replaced our wedding bands. We wanted a fresh start as we entered a new phase in our relationship.   They were custom made by a local artist, Avery McNesse who owns the Eager Beader.  It is hard to tell in the lighting, but mine has an emerald set in it.  We love them.  Just thought Valentine's Day would be the perfect day to show them off.  I would like to mention that last week, when we had a sitter, Jason put together a completely wonderful romantic early Valentine's date night.  Just thought he deserved some props.

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