I kid you not

Do you ever get uncomfortable watching old school Ben Stiller movies?  You know, like "Meet the Parents?"   Sometimes it always makes me a bit uncomfortable.   You know seeing things go from bad to worse.  I would always think "no one's luck is that bad."  Well, today my friends, I gave Ben Stiller a run for his money.   I was going to write all about my morning in detail, but it would take to long.  So instead, here's the highlights.  Henry snuck outside and hid from me while I was getting the boys ready for school.  I almost had a heart attack, he is okay and we are now putting chain locks on our doors.  Then, thanks to a broken fuel gage, I ran out of gas.  An old man yelled at me for breaking down, seriously.  Then some kind people helped me.  There are two kinds of people in the world angels and a-holes.  I encountered both this morning.  I had to wait on Jason because he lost his keys thus delaying his rush my assistance.  I couldn't call him to let him know about the angels, because he doesn't have a cell phone.  Gotta change that.   Then at the parking lot of the preschool Henry, locked the car doors while he, Alex, my cell phone and my car keys were inside.  At which point I literally have to bite my tongue to keep the torent of profanities that are running through my head from escpaing my mouth.  As a preschool mom pointed out (hi Jenny) Henry's preschool is in a church.  She also let me use her phone.  I leave a message for Jason.  I then get Henry to unlock the doors.  And, you guessed it, I can't get a hold of Jason because he doesn't have a cell phone.  How did pepole live without them?  When he shows up he informs me the car, which we are borrowing from his parents, has a hidden key on the outside. That would have been useful knowledge 10 minutes earlier.  And, the icing on the crap cake?  I received my monthly "gift."  Sorry dudes, it happens.  This sorta kick started the whole drama this morning because I was ill prepared, I decided to run to Target before preschool.  All this happened before 10 am. Seriously.  Although, I shouldn't complain, the rest of my day was uneventful and this morning was been nice and peaceful.

And now pictures of cute kids!  These are from our trip to the park with Valerie and Stella yesterday afternoon.


Baby Alex hates shoes and socks.  Unless it is really cold out, I've just stopped trying.

IMG_3818.JPG IMG_3821.JPG

Alex loves to rub his one little tooth with his tongue, which means we see this face all the time.





Oh yeah, Henry is totally picking nose.


And last, a picture that captures toddler's natural tendencies.  There are literally hundreds of rocks and they both need the same one.

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  1. wow.....they are getting BIG.....adorable boys  :)


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