To Thine own self

own self.jpg

This is a little painting I did on a block of wood that I salvaged from Jason's shop.  I think this line from Hamlet going to be my quote of the year.  "To thine own self be true."  I am going to take care of myself, so I can better take care of the ones I love. I am going to true to who I am.  I am going to be confident in my choices because I am going to follow my heart. I'm going to try to care less what people think. It is so easy to loose yourself in motherhood, this year I am going to try to find myself again. And thus concluded my new-age sounding rambling.  I am really not as touch-feely as this post sounds.  Just been a bit reflective of late . . . I think it comes with age, stress and sleep deprivation.  

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