2012, It's gonna be good

I won't lie, I am not even a little sad to see 2011 go.  It was just kind of an awful year.   Lots of anxiety and stress.  Just lame.  The only really good thing to come from this year was Alex.  And, he is pretty great. My goal this year is to be more positive, across the board. For me, it is a little easy to get bogged down in crap.  I've been doing a little art journenling and I thought in honor of the new year I would dedicate a page to good stuff in my life right now.


In to trying to do some positive thinking, I also decided to actually make some resolutions.  I love resolutions!  I do.  I like writing down goals.  I like to revisit them through out the year and see if I am meeting them.  Last year, because of pregnancy I didn't really tackle this endeavor (starting the year with an injury is always a bad sign).  Since last year was the crappiest year ever I decided I was going to revisit my practice of resolution making.  I think I am just the kind of person that likes intentionality and resolutions help me be intentional. Here is my list  . . .


My list is pretty straight forward.  Most of the stuff I wrote down isn't really measurable. Which, for me takes the pressure off.  The only one that might need explaining is the one about getting Alex moving.  We finally got him with a pediatric physical therapist and he has some muscle tone deficiency.  He should be fine with therapy but he will be a really late walker.  And, he might not be overly athletic.  The good news is he will walk.  We have a great therapist and a good plan in place.  I just can't help but feel hopeful.  The year started with some good changes and I have to think it will be better.  I will say that I grew up a lot in 2011.   I learned a lot about myself.  I am stronger than I thought I am.  I'm going to take all that strength and channel it into making 2012 amazing.  I hope it can be!

PS.  We had a lovely New Year's Day dinner with some good friends (hi Cassie and Sherry).  It was so yummy.  They even made Alex his first place card.  I couldn't think of a better way to start the year or better people to start it with.



  1. HI, I popped over from 1001 Journals just to see who I will eventually be mailing Bonita Rose's journal to. I don't know how long it will take for it to make the rounds and I'm pretty far down on the list. But maybe it will be a good thing in 2012! I like your good stuff art journaling and resolutions for the new year. Hope you have a good one!

  2. Thank you so much for stopping by! I can't wait to take part in the traveling art journal! I do think it will be part of the good stuff in 2012!!! Can wait to see your pages!

  3. Sherry we are so happy you are in town, thanks for being in our lives!!!

  4. hi Jaime!  I like your post :) It's gonna be a great year, full of new stuff and better stuff. I like your resolutions, too, pretty straight forward and attainable, reasonable and selfless of you. I love you guys and especially those little boys, it's good to be a part of your lives.  Thanks :)


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