Holy Freakin' Candy

It all about who you know, and we know someone who work at the M&M Mars factory in town.  Stella's daddy works there and he got us on the list to come trick or treat at their boo bash.  Holy freaking crap.  The candy, oh the candy.


Yeah, that wagon is full of candy.  Not just candy, good candy.  Alex is literally being supported by candy.


For the first few minutes Henry just stared at the candy in shock.  I am a bit strict with his candy consumption.  Every time someone gave him candy he looked me like are you  sure this is okay? I would smile at him and then he would gleefully say "henry's candy!"

Even Alex tried to get in on the candy eating fun.



This is Henry freaking out over a costume.  He is not a fan of mask. It was so funny because Stella would reach out and touch his cheek and say "it's okay henry."  Good thing he has Stella to take care of him.  And good thing he has her parents to give him the candy hook up.  Now lets just hope we don't all need new pants in a couple weeks.  Trick or treating on Halloween is going to be a total let down after this.


October, I love you

No matter what insanity if going on, I am hell bent on enjoying October.  It is my favorite month of the year.  It is season that I would miss the most if we ever moved.  The weather is fabulous and there is something fun going on every weekend.  Last weekend, as always, we enjoyed the Three Sisters Blue Grass festival.  I don't have any photos, because my camera died but we were there and it was awesome.  Henry can't stop talking about Boograsses.  I wonder if I can find him a baby bango?  Anyway, this weekend was also full of fall fun. And, this weekend I charged my batteries!  Here comes picture over load!!! I'm sorry, I can't help myself.

First up, the tractor show.  You can read all about the tractor show and how we get to hang out with the cool kids here.  But I wanted to show you two photos side by side.  Henry and Stella as babies and toddlers.  More accurately, stubborn toddlers.

2009 - Squish little babies we could stick anywhere.

2011 - Opinionated toddlers who didn't want their photo taken

What a difference two years can make.  Speaking of that difference, we now have this little fella in the mix.  Yes, he is wearing the same little John Deere outfit as Henry.


This year why we were hanging out at the show Stella's mom (Hi Valerie) asked Jason if he would have ever imagine me at a tractor show when we were dating.  No, no he would not.  Not only at a tractor show but with my kids decked out in John Deere green.  What can I say, I am embracing the fact that we have two little Tennessee boys.  Look we even took a family picture in the Lamon's totally awesome John Deere model T replica golf cart.  You read that right, this is golf cart.


While we were dating I also couldn't imagine the insanity of two little boys.  But, here we are.


We spent the Sunday around the house.  In between taking care of some stuff around the house we tired to enjoy the cool weather as much as possible.  We had breakfast outside and then a fire in our fire pit with some friends.  We didn't burn our friends, they were just there.






Henry was crying because he didn't want daddy to cook the marshmallow.  He just wanted to eat it.

All in all, it was a good weekend. Here is to another week of Tennessee loveliness.  Ahh, October you are wonderful.


Oh me, Oh my!

I was going to write this long post about how weird and long the last week and a half has been but I am to exhausted to think.  There was a prefect storm of crappie things all happening at once.  It is when you are at your wits end that you often realize that you are blessed.  My friends and family have been a great support over the last few days.  Some problems are better and other are worse.  I think right now I am working on getting my head in the right place.  I know this post is so vague, I hate vague post.  Somethings just can't be summed up in blog post form.  Hopefully we will get back to the regular Barks senangins.  But, for now some photo fun.

No matter what is going on (even when they are the source of the stress) these two little faces bring me so much joy.

I know they aren't looking at the camera but their little grins were so sweet.

I've been keeping Henry's friend Stella some during the week.  Here they are decorating paper pumpkins.  I love how Alex is just hanging out in the corner.  Stella has been pretty easy but I think tossing another toddler in the mix has thrown me off balance a little bit.

This is a painting I am working on (it isn't finished yet, everything is taking longer these days) for an art class I am teaching at Michael's on Sunday.  My class are just starting to pick up a little, this to might have added to the crazy week.  You can find out more about my classes here, if you are local there are still a few spots open for Sunday's class.

Here is hoping that things stabilize next week! This mama wants no more drama.

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