Little Man Doll

Little Man Doll

Since Alex came along Henry has been obessed with babies.   He started pretending that his teddy bear was "his baby."  I love that he has a nurturing side.  I thought it would be sweet to get him a boy baby doll for his birthday.  Then I started looking at boy dolls.  Yuck.  There really isn't anything out there.   The only doll I saw that wasn't creepy was a cabbage patch doll.  But, those things are kind of expensive and I think I am still traumatized by my visit to the cabbage patch hospital.  Seriously, the whole cabbage patch being born bit is creepy (you can watch it here).  Even at 7 I knew it was a little off.  Actually, watching it as an adult it is even weirder than I remembered.   Since I ruled out the cabbage patch doll, I decided to set about making a little doll for Henry.  I actually came up with my own design and ended up with this little man doll.  I was inspired by Black Apple Dolls. This is actually the second incarnation, I had never made a doll before and I attached the arms wrong the first time.  Henry was deeply confused by all the stuffing coming out.  I made him an identical one and told him mommy fixed it.  Henry loves his "baby."  He drags it around the house during the day and sleeps with it at night.  He even mimics the way I take care of Alex.  He will put it in the swing, burp it, diaper it and dress him Alex's oneies.  Once he even got my nursing cover and I think he was planning on trying to feed the baby . . which is kind of weird but very smart.  I explained to him that only mommies nurse babies and he hasn't tried again. I didn't want to him to grow up to be like these dudes (men breast feeding is just weird). Crisis averted.  Jason and came up with a whole series of little dolls . . . there is the hipster (he has black glasses), the mustached man and the douche (he has a goatee).  Maybe I will get around to making them all one day.  But for now, Henry has his little man.

PS.  He is a little fellow, the book he is sitting on is a pocket edition.  The pipe is there for size reference and because it help the little man reflect on the meaning of life at the end of a long day.


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