So that was Christmas

At this moment I would kill for a sick day.   Like the ones I could take before kids.  I remember when I would take a whole day and just sleep when I was sick.  These days I would be happy if I could just get a couple of hours of sleep.  My currant fantasy is being home alone for 24 hours with a bottle of Nyquil.  If you hadn't figured it out, I have a nasty cold that was given to me by my adorable little germ carriers.  Fortunatly the brunt of my cold came after Christmas.  We managed to have a nice holiday.  In fact, it was kind of great.  Henry was beyond awesome.  He was so excited about everything.  And Alex was just as adorable as ever.  I am just going to let photos do the talking.  I don't have the brain power for anything else.

IMG_2571.JPG IMG_1850.JPG IMG_3060.JPGIMG_3055.JPG IMG_3081.JPG IMG_3113.JPG

Pretend Alex's eyes are open.

I promise Henry was just tired from playing in the park.  He looks so miserable.  Don't let that face deceive you, he had a good Christmas. We all did.

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  1. That photo of Alex in the animal suit (bear?) is amazingggg.