Mason Jar Snow Globes

I made some Mason Jar Snow Globes, one of the few things on my todo list I've gotten done.  I pinned this site a few days ago, I liked her knock off Anthro globes but I wanted to add water to mine (I already had the glycerin).  I didn't glue the jars shut so I can toss the lids and clean the jars.  As a good caner, I am all about reusing some jars.  I haven't had any problems with my jars leaking.  I had everything but the little trees, which only cost me $2.  Nice and cheap. When Jason saw them he said "oh those are cute, who are they for?"  Umm, me?  It is bad to make stuff for yourself on Christmas?  Okay, maybe a little.  Oh well, they make me happy and this year I am all about happy.



I even made a simple little table runner for my dining room table.  I just used fabric I had in my stash.  I am happy with it, especially for free.  It gives the table a very homespun cozy Christmas feel, which is what we are going for.



These photos are rotten because I took them at 10:00 pm when I finished the runner.  I will say the gold glitter trees can make the water in the jars look yellowish in low light.  I wanted the little snowy tree but they were all sold out. I could take another photo but right now my table is cover in wrapping paper and gifts.  I am way behind the ball this year.  I am about to brave the crowds and make a quick target trip.   I just need a few things.  I think some tea lights would jazz this table up a bit.  If you are a procrastinator like me, good luck!  I think we can get everything done before Sunday. I hope.

PS. This cuteness is hindering my productivity. Who would want to put up laundry (or pick up the toys all over your living room) when they could play with this sweet baby?


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