Foam Wreaths and Weapons

Am I the only person who feels like Christmas has snuck up on me (and plowed me over)?  I mean it is a week away.  We still haven't finished picking up and making stuff the boys Christmas.  Let alone the rest of our family. We love you, even if we neglect you.  Oh and friends, sorry guys this year I got nothing.  Usually I do a bunch of handmade goodies for friends, co-workers and teachers.  This year, none of that happened.  It has just been to insane.  Yes, INSANE.  Alex sleep has slight improved (thank god) but he has a stomach bug.  It is so weird.  He seems fine. He will be playing along just as happy as a lark and then BAM!  Projectile vomit!   You don't want to even know how gross it is to be covered in baby vomit.  Also, Alex has been in physical therapy for his slight delay in movement.  He is sitting up better, but he still isn't rolling over.  Because of the therapy we have been doing lots of tummy time exercises. Which means I have been spending a lot of time of the floor with the boys.  It is fun, but is greatly hindering my productivity. As for Henry, well he is a wild toddler.  As I write this, he is using the pile of laundry on my bed like a pile of leaves. He also might have underwear on his head.  Oh and he decided that he is suddenly interested in potty training, this week.  Basically, I live in a zoo.  Despite all this, I have actually tried to have a little holiday fun.  I decided to make a foam wreath, which I have never done.  I did this last week, before the bottom fell out. Of course in the process the boys (and by boys I mean Jason and Henry) did this . . .

So, yeah, this is my life.  And I know that once Alex get moving that things are only going to be more rowdy.  Sigh.  At least my wreath turned out okay.


I kinda want a different ribbon but the theme for the tiny bit of Christmas creating that has been going on has been cheap using what is on hand.   I had all the materials used on hand.  And to make it even more cost effective I made the foam wreath out of pipe insulation, thank you Pinterest.  My first attempt at making the wreath made an awful looking oval.  Apparently, that is pretty common problem.   I used this little tip, and I got a nice round wreath for cheap.


Okay, this wasn't just about cheap it was also about connivence.   My husband works for a hardware store.  Getting the pipe insulation was a lot easier than having to drag my wild children to an arts and craft store.  I will say I wished used stronger tape.  It has started to separate a little bit, next time duck tape!

(sorry for the blurry photo, did I mention I live with wild animals?)

As for the wreath decorations, it wrapped in fabric (no sewing, I didn't even iron) and the felt flowers were made using this tutorial.  Once again, no sewing.  I actually saw an entire wreath (after I made this one) that was totally covered in flowers like the ones I made.  I think I might try that for another holiday, maybe Easter?

While we are on the subject, here are some photos of random holiday craftiness . . . .

Henry's handiwork.  Each letter was going to be completely coated in one color glitter.  But Henry had a different vision and who am I to stifle his artistic creativity?

My sister Janine made us cute embroidered stockings.

This was from Henry's preschool, the photo is amazing. Such an angry little reindeer.

And lastly, Henry Picasso inspired reindeer.  He insisted that this was the way it was meant to be.

Maybe if I am lucky ordered will be established to me home before Christmas.  It's my grown up Christmas wish.

PS.  Before all the vomiting we took the kids to Rock City to see the Christmas lights.  Henry freaked out (in a good way) and Alex yelled at the nutcrackers.  So fun.  Henry did call baby Jesus a Halloween pumpkin, causing us to leave the nativity show early.  He has some holiday confusion.  I have feeling he will be talking about Christmas for months after the fact.


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  1. Gail Nilsson10 August, 2012

    Love the wreath, glad my post helped a little bit! Merry Christmas!