Giving Thanks

Just taking a quiet moment to pause and be thankful.  Thankful for my home, my family, my friends.


I just finished this little embroidery and table runner just in time for Thanksgiving dinner.  I mean, just in time.  Barely.  It was a nice little therapeutic exercise.  The adorbale embrodery pattern came from Creative Kistment.  Isn't it sweet?  She has it as a free download.  I think she is going to start selling her patterns along with her lovely art.  While I was working on it I tried to focus on all the good things in my life. It is a cheery little addition to our fall dining room.  I would have loved to make a long runner but I decided having it hang off the edge of the table was just inviting a toddler to pull on it.


I realize the photo would have looked sweeter if I had taken down the high chairs.  But, I like to keep it real and we really have two kids.  I like the way the space is coming together.  It has a very folksy, cozy feel. It is slowly looking more like us.  Here is what it looked like 7 months ago when we knocked the wall down. I should add, knocking the wall down to my gratitude list.  I can't even begin to explain how much more open it made my little house feel.  The leaves hanging from the doorway are from a Pinterest pin that didn't really work.  I pressed them and mod-podged them.  As you can tell, they didn't keep their color at all.  But, Henry loved collecting them and loves having them hanging up so I guess it wasn't a total flop.   The felt leaf garland is from Pinterest too.  What can I say, I am addicted!


Doesn't every one have a turkey tree?  Jason brought home the tree from Ace and Henry decided we needed to decorate it.  I am a purest in that I don't like to put up Christmas stuff until after Thanksgiving.  So, I decided we would make a thankful tree.  I'll admit, this could have came out a lot classier but this was an impromptu project with stuff I had on hand.  We wrote on the paper circles what we were thankful for.  Henry said he was thankful for his family.  Well, not exactly. I asked if he was thankful for his family and he said yes.  So close enough, right?

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving.

PS.  I am thankful that I am smarter than can beat Jason at Scabble. We picked the game a couple of weeks ago when Target had it on sale.  I've never really played it because I am not really a great speller (if you read my blog you've probably figured that out by now).  Surprisingly, I really like it.    This snap shot is of our best game to date.  We played almost every tile (just two little letters left).  And, I won.  I won. I won.  If you can read the paper my score was 418 which I considered pretty good for a newbie.   I realize because I am gloating, I will probably lose tonight.  We have a rematch scheduled.  Although I shouldn't brag about our scrabble playing because you can see from our board we aren't above slumming with four letter words.



  1. Oh Jamie, it's beautiful!!! The whole table runner is spectacular!!  Thank you so much for sharing!  May I use your image for my post tomorrow?  I love it!!

  2. Thank you Regina!  You are more than welcome to use it.  I am so glad you liked it! Thanks for all your creative inspiration!!!!  I would love to see a Christmas pattern or two in your shop : )

  3. Tyler Larsen10 August, 2012

    regina was right, your table runner looks fantastic...and yes, keeping it short is toddler appropriate :)! nice to meet your blog.


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