Twenty Years from Now

There were a lot of things that we should have done yesterday.  We, like most grown ups have a never ending list of projects, repairs and maintenance items that need to be done in and around our house.  Maybe because it was the anniversary of 911, you couldn't listen to the news without hearing stories of love ones people had lost.  Or maybe it was just because I am aware of how fast the boys are growing up (and how busy we have been). Regardless for why, I just felt like we needed to get out and make some memories.  Jason kept prattling off list of things that had to be done.  He had a point but I just looked at him and said "twenty years from now we aren't going to remember or care that the grass was mowed, what we will remember is the picnic we took with the boys."  And yes, he was quick to point out that it was a very romantic notion but not entirely practical.  However, sometimes you just have to let some stuff go and enjoy life a little.  Jason did tackle the pressing household issue, our leaking dishwasher.  He fixed, because he is amazing.  Once that was done and few other small mundane things we packed up the kiddies and took off for our picnic.  Was it amazing? Yes!  Will we remember it years from now? Yes! And if we forget, I have a crap ton of photos.  Because I am Jaime and that is what I do.  Behold, our picnic . . .

Boats momma, BOATS!

"Let me get this straight, I can throw this rock?"  This trip might have sent some mixed messages about rock throwing.  Let's hope he doesn't nail a kid in the head on the playground today at preschool.

See the big bird?  He wanted to eat  us up, for real.  He would come up to Jason, stick out his chest and hiss. He wasn't playing.


A friends who gives you cupcakes in a friend in deed (thank you Jenn).  This one is a bourbon cupcake, it changed my life.

The prettiest weed I ever did see.


Henry trying to carry the big rock in his basket.  This resulted in him yelling "help daddy, help."  Then once Jason picked up the basket there were shouts of "come on daddy, come on"  as he gleefully toddled to the shore.


Our meal . . black bean burgers (on toast because we didn't have any buns) and baked sweet potatoes.  Jason noted that we were probably the only people in the park grilling black bean burgers. What? Me weird? Never. I used this recipe.   Mine always seem to come out on the soupy side.  I spoon them on to wax paper (in a patty shape) then freeze them.  Once they are solid I put then a bag, I like to make a bunch at one time.  Then I can just pull a couple out for dinner. Yummy, healthy and quick.  I did serve these with spicy garlic mayo, which I am currently obsessed with.  Not a really a healthy obsessions but I feel like the black bean burger helps balance it out.  To make it I grate a small clove of garlic into a half cup of mayo.  I then add a table spoon  and a half of spicy brown mustard, a few diced fresh basil leaves and some black pepper.  I adore it.

Alex had his first taste of sweet potatoes.  Messy.  They potatoes are from our CSA and they have the best flavor and the brightest color, as seen on Alex's face.

"I blow it out.  One more time daddy,  more time peas."  This went on until the match was gone.


"Henry, I don't care that you don't want your photo taken.  I will get a picture with you, I will."

And last, the boys all washed up and in adorable striped PJs.  Durning bath time all Henry talked about was going back to see the boats and ducks.  I think there will be another picnic soon.  Maybe even camping, I think we might be up for some camping.  Maybe.

PS.  Little chubs . . . fat, happy and clean.


  1. Such an adorable family! Henry has gotten so big - and your hair looks excellent. :)

  2. When Lindsey was younger I would remind Mike to play with us by singing "cats in the cradle with a silver spoon little boy grow as the man in the moon" As you  know I don't sing well but Mike got the message! Most of the time! LOVE your photos, your blog, your boys and YOU! 


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