Homemade Holiday Show and Tell

This post could also be titled "my family is freaking awesome."  I was blown away this Christmas by the handmade gifts I received.  I also received some extra special gifts from the heart that weren't handmade too.  This Christmas I was ever so blessed. But, since you know I love handmade things I thought it would be fun to show off my families handiwork.  It is quiet impressive.
Get a cup of coffee, this post is L-O-N-G.

First a necklace my niece Lindsey made.


Isn't is amazing?  I love it so much.  It looks like something out of Anthropologie.  All the broaches she picked up at antique stores.  She refinished them to give them the aged copper look then turned them into beads.  I love that she went around town picking up old broaches for the project.  It makes it all the more unique.

Also from Lindsey, some bath fizz.


Disclaimer, this bottle looked a lot prettier before I used it.  The two scents she used were layered in the bottle but when I shook some out it messed it all up.  It worked great.  Made my bath water really soft.  I have been taking a lot of warm baths.  This baby is doing a number on my back.  Oh speaking of bath goodies, a friend (hi Tina) made me some lovely peppermint sugar scrub that I thoroughly enjoyed.  Lindsey also made us a jar full of Muddy Buddies but those are tucked away.  I am hiding them from my toddler and husband, they both have no concept of portion control when it comes to sweets.

Since I just mentioned Lindsey, I will show you what her better half (Johnny) knocked out.


Plexiglass is hard to photograph. It is a USB charger that runs off of 2 AA batteries. It will charge iPods, iPhone, etc (anything that has a USB).  He did all of this himself.  Down to programing the chip inside.  He also made the case.  Basically, he is a genius. I wish I new more of the technical aspect of it because it sounded impressive when he described it.  All I know is it works and it will come in super handy when we are camping.

Now on to my sister Sherry.  You might have noticed that awesome inlaid wood cutting board behind my niece's bath fizz.  Oh yeah, she made that!


Isn't it great?  I can't believe she did this.  Do you know how time consuming a project like this is?  It took a lot of work (and she made two, one for my other sister).  I have an epicurean cutting board Jason picked up for me a few years ago (which I adore) but I have been wanting another smaller one for fruit and veggies and this is going to work perfect.  Not to mention, it is lovely.

Now on to the sewing!  My sister Janine made me this apron.


Yes, it is cute but what you might not be able to tell is that is completely reversible.  The coolest part is that she modified the pattern to make it reversible. She also altered the fit and ruffle on the apron.  This blows my mind. I can barely follow a pattern let alone modify one.  I also love how long the ties are.  I hate short ties.  There is plenty fabric for me to make a big bow over my baby bump.

Janine also made these pot holders, that are infinitely cooler than mine.



See the pattern on the back? She did that freehand with a free motion quilting foot on her machine!  Stinking incredible. Janine also made Henry some PJs (and matching pair for daddy) but they are in Henry's room and he is napping.  Just take my word for it, they are cute.

And last something I made that holds a gift I got . . .



It is a KINDLE!!!!!!!!!!   Jason totally and completely surprised me with a kindle.  I have been jonesing for one for a while now.  For a long time, I was traditional book purest but idea that I could carry a bunch of books in a tiny device seduced me. That and the fact that the screen looks like a real page, not a laptop screen. Also, I can read with one hand!  This will come in handy when I am nursing.  I read a lot during those late night feedings with Henry.  As you will note, it is tucked inside of a handmade Kindle cover (which is on my dusty night stand shame on me, I should dust more and read less).  There are some flaws in the cover, it is a rough draft.  I knocked in out during Henry's nap time the other day.  I am going to make a fancier one soon (with better edges, the bottom is messy).  There are a bunch of tutorials online, but this one is my own design.  I wanted it to look like a book.  But I also wanted it to be durable, which is why there is heavy duty card board in the lining.  It will do for now, although I realize as I write this that I might be using the same cover a year from now.  Jason I love my Kindle! THANK YOU.  Now I just have resist buying a bunch of books, it is going to be hard with one button ordering that instantly gives you a book in your hand!

So, in summery you can see that I come by my handmade DIY ways honestly.  Just look at my creative family, this apple didn't fall far from the tree.

PS.  We still have snow on the ground, although some has melted. This is from Monday's snow walk (I had to sneak a little Henry in the post).


I should note that this is the snow walk that never left the house.  Henry didn't need to go anywhere.  He was quite content to swing with daddy and play in the yard.  I do love the snow. Although, it will be gone this afternoon . .  .the rain is coming. Arg.


  1. Jaime Your excitement makes it easy to make you things! We had such a great time at your house!
    I love you much!

  2. Jaime I made 4 cutting boards one for you,Janine,Jerry and Candi.
    witch I had a so much fun doing them.
    P.S they are end grain cutting boards
    they are better for your knifes.
    can't wait to see ya again but you have to come down here to cold up there but I did love seeing the snow Jerry had a foot of snow by Tuesday.
    Love you


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