Red fabric lovelies

This week for the creative color challenge I decided to play around with fabric. I have been obsessed with fabric bows. Seriously.


This isn't even all of them.  Here are my red ones for the Color Challenge. 



I have so many bows that I posted a few extras on Esty.  If you are inclined you are more than welcome to take few off my hands.  Jason would appreciate it to quote him "what in the world are going to do with all those bows?" I suppose he should just be grateful we don't have a little girl.  I think that fabric flower obsession would be much, much worse.

PS. I hope to paint something again next week, maybe I will have more time on my hands. Maybe.


  1. OMG, I Love these! I have been wanting to start making faric flowers for the girls and have made a couple but no way have they looked anywhere near this good, i love them Jaime. You are so talented. Please, please share with how to make these so well. and yes i want to buy some of these.

  2. Hey Jessica! Thanks for the love, they aren't that hard to make. I'll send you some instructions. You totally need to make some for your little girls!


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