Big Girl Pillowcase Dress

I scored this totally awesome red, white and blue fabric a few weeks ago at a thrift store. It is a really loud, funky print.  When I pulled the fabric out of my bag to show Jason his response was "really?"  Oh yes Jason, really.   I just couldn't decided what to do with it.  Then, just like that, I decided that it would make the perfect 4th of July dress.  Of course, the question was how was I to sew it?  I pondered this for a while then I decided that I would make try to make adult version of  pillowcase dress.  I couldn't find tutorial a on how to make one for an adult so I just kind of made my own up.  I followed this tutorial for a kid dress as a guide.  Instead of using a ribbon I sewed a sash and made one gigantic bow (instead of two little bows).  Ridiculous bows make everything better.  I also thought omitting the ribbon made it look a little less like a kid dress. It was a super simple dress, it took me about an hour to make.  It isn't a very flattering dress.  I think it could use a belt.  I will say it is really comfortable.  I think this style dress would make a perfect maternity dress.  Not that I am pregnant.  I am NOT.  But, this dress is so full it could hide a great big baby bump.


The cardigan helps the dress have a little more shape.  I like it better with the cardigan buttoned but here it is unbuttoned so you can see what the dress looks like.



See how big that bow is? I love it.  Do you see what I am talking about with the whole maternity look?  It is really loose.  My bad posture doesn't help.  I think I might make another one to wear with a belt.

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday.


  1. Holy cow, Jaime. You are my hero.

  2. It looks good I like it.
    love ya

  3. Christina . .come over with a couple yards of fabric and some thread and I will teach you how to make one. Soooooo easy!!!!

    Thanks for the love!

  4. That fabric would of been a great place mat or table runner! LOL No really! I'm not liking the cardigan I think it really needs a belt, however you did a great job!

  5. I loooooooooooooove it! Very classy. I'd totally wear it.

  6. Lovely Collection with nice designs, I really like your costumes and more informative post also sharing pretty design and comfortable fabrics for your affectionate baby's delicate skin, all dress gives off a suitable glow as a gives sweetest smile and making her seem as angel. The excellent selection of Flower Girl Dresses available to all baby and girls size.

  7. Tinyexpressions10 August, 2012

    Did you make another with a belt?  I would like to see one with a sash that ties in the back or on the side..

  8. How much fabric did you use? I would love to make one size 5/6..but have no idea how much fabric I will need...


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