Thanks daddy

While Jason was working on a home improvement project the other day he gave Ann a block of wood to chew on. He thought that wood would deter her from chewing on our books.  She loves books as much as we do.  She has eaten several in the past few weeks, including my junior and senior year books.  After she ate the year books, I did consider killing her.  She is lucky she cute or I would have let her play in traffic.  

I am happy to report that the piece of wood did keep her occupied for a couple of days. It also has made a big mess! For two days we have been sweeping up wood splinters off the floors in every room in the house.  Even sweet little Prissy got involved in the wood shredding. We have both decided that wooden chew toys will no longer be given to the girls in the house. However, as you can see from the photos below, they did have a lot of fun.

ann's new toy

Prissy's chew toy


Bun in the Oven

First, I would like to apologize to you dear internet.  Pregnancy has made me lazy. We have had SO MUCH going on the past two week.  I have started many post but haven't had the time, energy or motivation to finish them.  In lieu of a long post about about all the things that have been going on I thought I would just show you HOW HUGE I am getting.
Bun in the Oven
Jason snapped this photo of me this week while I was whipping up a delicious pan of heartburn inducing lasagna for dinner.  I continually crave foods that make me miserable after eating them.  For dinner tonight I am making spicy enchiladas.  Baby's first word is going to be TUMS. This week marks my 27th week of pregnancy. 


Daddy's Little Helper

I have been banned from painting.  Not because I am pregnant (that would be sweet) but because my painting skills are subpar in Jason's opinion. I hate painting, so I am totally okay with just watching him.  Here is a photo of Ann and Jason in the nursery.  Aren't they cute?  
daddy's little helper
I love this picture because Ann totally looks high on paint fumes.


Now it is getting interesting

Last night Jason felt the baby kick for the first time! He has been moving around for a while but it has just been in the last day or two that he has really started kicking.  Feeling him kick is amazing.  It makes it so real.  Why yes, there is a tiny baby in my belly.  While Jason has been excited about the baby, I don't think the reality of it hit him until he felt that kick.  All the sudden he was totally physiqued about the baby.  After the first series of kicks he started talking about playing classical music to my belly and reading to the baby.  Of course I encouraged this, so he immediately ran to the living room and returned with a book to the read: "The Canterbury Tales." Besides the fact that many of the stories are not child friendly (there is a reason they do give out the whole book in high school english), the tales are very long.  Too long for a sleepy pregnant women.  Before he got too engrossed in the book I convinced him that nice short poetry might be better.  He agreed and returned with the book of classic poems.   It was a beautiful moment, Jason curled up beside my belly reading poems. It was this moment that the baby in my belly became our child.  Of course, after four poems, Jason decided he was going to read his favorite childhood book to my belly.  He got up and returned with "Treasure Island."  Great, our baby is going to come out of the womb demanding his bottle be spiked with rum. 

Speaking of belly . . . here is a picture of it.  This is for my sister Janine.  She requested a photo of my belly (since she lives too far away to rub it).  So here it is in front of our crib we set up over the weekend.  The nursery is still a work in progress.  All we have in the room is the crib, but hey it is a step in the right direction. 
24 Weeks
Baby Barks 24 Weeks

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