So, how was your weekend?

Our weekend was wild. Well, Friday was pretty normal, but Saturday and Sunday were eventful. We were recovering on Monday, hence the silence.

The fun started on Saturday morning. I was in charge of a rehab project for Habitat. The volunteers were ripping down drywall and tearing up carpet in an old building. It was interesting, I have never done any demo work.

From work I rushed home to get all dressed up to head to Atlanta to watch Wicked at the fabulous Fox Theater. Jason and I were so pressed to make it to the Fox that I didn't get a single picture! I had plans on snapping a few after the play, but we were so hungry and worn out we completely forget. I cannot believe that I forgot to photograph something. I would like to say that the musical was amazing! Really, spectacular.

After the play we crashed in hotel with Ben and Cassie as well as Adam and Tina. In the morning we all got up and enjoyed the hotels free breakfast in our pajamas. It was nice to catch up over waffles. After breakfast we said our farewells and loaded up our car to head back to good ol' Cleveland.

We were on the interstate just a few moments when all the sudden my little Ford Focus freaked out. Seriously, it just stopped accelerating. We pulled over bewildered and concerned. We are poor, serious car issues are enough to cause major panic. After some assessment it was decided that our little car wouldn't be coming home with us. Fortunatly my father-in-law pays for us to have AAA. We had it towed to a friends house outside Atlanta. Jason and his dad are going to get it today. Adam and Tina were close by so they came and waited on the tow truck and gave us a lift back to Cleveland. The Collins were our salvation.  

Even with the car issues, it was a pretty good weekend.  Now lets just hope rest of the week is nice and uneventful.

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