Everything Just Clicks

Last night I was standing at my stove whipping up some soup beans and corn bread (what else would a nice little southern girl eat on the coldest night of the year?) when I took in my surroundings. I was standing in my kitchen in our house. The dogs were curled up at my feet and Jason was picking up a few things in the backyard. All the sudden I just felt this wave of joy, this is my life I thought. I have a nice little life. I have an adorable husband, a cute little house, sweet puppies and a bunch of great friends.

My life didn't turn out the way I thought it would. I am not really sure what I expected but I don't think small town life was what I had in mind. The thing is, I am happy. Truly happy. Jason and I moved so much when we first got married. We have been in our little house, with two front doors, for 1 year 4 month. This is the longest we have lived anywhere together. And last night while I was making cornbread it occurred to me, we finally have home.

The photo is of my very old kitchen table. Our home is a 1910 mill house complete with the original, creaky hardwood floors.


  1. Sigh...I want hardwood floors...

    I'm glad you two finally settled in...I was having to edit my contact info for you pretty regularly for awhile there. Geri and Diane would be talking to me, and they'd say "No, they live in so-and-so now, and they have a new number". GOSH! :-p

  2. Jaime and Jason - we love you guys! We couldn't imagine not living in this small town with you both! And your puppies!

  3. You were making Cornbread! That made me cry! I miss mom.

    I'm glad you are so happy, It makes me feel better.

    Love you both


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